The very idea of energy work, chakras, reiki, harmonic vibrations, and other associated concepts, is often dismissed by people who claim to be rational and scientific. And yet, the scientific community has started to take notice and if you go to a database that holds the results of scientific studies, quite often if you use “reiki” as a search term, you’ll come up with studies that have been done, including on subjects like reiki and diabetes.

Reiki is, of course, only one type of energy work. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different modalities available. So the question remains, why should we care about energy work?

There are many reasons, from the fact that many cultures have had their own chakra system (a chakra being an energy center within the body) and energy fields for the body. Ancient Taoism talked about cinnabar fields; ancient tantric yoga talked about koshas (energy bodies) and nadis (channels for energy within the koshas). Some could say that the energy work being studied by science means that it’s worthy of being explored. And others might say because it helps people, reduces the stress which is endemic to our modern life, and promotes healing, provides the reason to study.

Energy work helps us connect to ourselves. Energy work complements modern medicine. Energy work gives back control to the individual.

I could think of several more reasons to care about energy work, and yet, there’s only one reason that matters.


For me, energy work allows me to connect on a new and fundamentally different level with the animal companions who share my life. It provides a way to interface with the global energies and work toward the betterment of nature and wildlife. It also provides a way to support people in their healing journey.

These reasons may not be your reasons to explore energy work, and that’s okay. Whatever reasons you choose, those are the right ones for you. And I support you in that journey.