Reiki is traditionally billed as a healing modality which allows the one receiving the energy to relax and release stress. For those who also work with chakras and nadis, reiki, like other energy modalities, helps to clear any blockages and release stuck energy. Think of it like stretching a too tight muscle to allow it to relax and allow your movement to flow easier.

However energy work can do a lot more than simply relax us, though it’s very good at that. In the relaxation many people find solace. It’s a sense of safety and connection we get to our body. Through the energy work, the physical sensations that come along with it (for example the practitioner’s hands may tingle or feel warm and likewise the person receiving the treatment may feel tingling or warmth where they’re receiving treatment), we connect with our bodies. For those who have a hard time connecting to what they’re feeling, the physical sensations give a tangible anchor. “My hands are tingling” connects us with our hands and with the sensation of tingling. From there, we may be aware of other sensations and feelings within our bodies. And while we may not be able to name specific emotions, we begin to tell something is “off” and in that, know where to send energy.

Energy work gives us a sense of control. It grounds us. Reminds us that we are beings inhabiting a body and what that body may feel like.

It helps to keep us mindful and in the moment. Sure, our mind may wander or emotions and memories may bubble to the surface, but for the most part, we remain focused on what we’re doing, the sending of energy in that moment.

All of this combines to help connect us to the moment, to our bodies, and to ourselves. In this centered space, we can begin inquiry into ourselves and the stories we were told. With the energy relaxing us and our minds open to possibilities, we can unravel our own authentic truths and begin to implement them in our lives.