The chakras are energy centers within the body. Though different traditions have a different number and position of them, commonly there are thought to be seven chakras, and the first one is the root chakra, located at the base of the tailbone. This chakra grounds us to the earth, tethers us into this reality, and represents our security. In both animals and humans, a lack of free flowing energy in the root chakra is a common issue and tends to leave people feeling untethered, insecure, and anxious about their environment.

This recently came to light here with the sacred herd when one of the horses began isolating herself from the rest. She’s always been at the bottom of the pecking order, and came to us in 2016 from a kill pen. We were told that she was “used in a feed lot” before she arrived on the auction block, and it was clear from her arrival that humans hadn’t treated her kindly. I took care of her immediate needs and then mostly left her to be a horse, to rebalance and settle herself in with the herd.

She made friends with an older mare who passed last August, and it was clear the lack of a buddy was making things difficult for her. She also had some health issues, including possible blindness on one side, that made her want to stay away from the more aggressive herd mates.

We began our work by having me halter her and bring her into a pen at feeding time so she wouldn’t be bothered by any other horses. She eats with my other senior mare and another horse with whom she feels comfortable. Additionally, I began bringing her into the pen to feed her a small meal with some supplements to help her conditions during the day. Along with this, we began working together on some basic tasks so she knew she was a part of the herd and wanted. I also began using Epona Energy work and reiki to help balance her energy system.

The change became immediately apparent. When I first scanned her chakras, her root chakra seemed sluggish, almost stopped completely. Her attitude improved; she became more energetic, and it was clear she clearly felt like a part of the group again.

I’ve also used root chakra work to help soothe my own anxiety. Tapping into this chakra, along with breath and energy work, helps focus me into the moment and calms the feelings of nervousness and anxiousness. If you can only focus on one chakra, then I strongly suggest the root chakra, as it grounds you. Everything else will flow from there.