Energy Work

Everything is connected. From mycelium networks to trees communicating with one another, to what we’re learning about quantum energy, and yes, including energy work–everything is connected with universal energy. It helps to think of this energy like radio stations or frequencies. Each one is slightly different and you can be attuned to different frequencies (like preset stations or bookmarks for your internet radio). Kit currently works with two different types of energy: reiki and Epona Energy. Learn more about them here.


Kit has worked with reiki for nearly two decades and is a reiki master. As the author of one of the first books on animal reiki, Kit’s focus has been on reiki for animals as well as for healing and stress reduction.


Epona Energy

Epona Energy taps into the frequency of equine energy fields to help balance and ground you in the natural world. Stay tuned to the frequencies of nature. Discover the power of the equine heart field all from the comfort of your home.


The ESRS (Energy-Sensory Regulatory System) consists of more than just chakras or meridians. It’s an entire, interconnected network of energetic and brain pathways and processes that help regulate your emotions and your sensory input.