When many people undergo reiki attunements or read books about reiki, the analogy is given that reiki energy attunements are like turning a radio dial to a frequency. When you’re “given” the frequency, then you’re able to access that “station”. In other words, you’re able to perform reiki treatments.

Most people, at least those of us of a certain age, understand all about tuning the dial of the radio in your car, or on a radio receiver at home. There’s something magical about turning the knob and stopping when you hear a voice to see if it’s one you want to listen to, or a type of music you like. Hitting the scan button doesn’t give as much satisfaction, but it works anyway.

I propose that the radio theory, while not wrong, doesn’t exactly encompass the entire situation. If we think about all the things which are on frequencies (or spectrums) such as radio waves, light, musical notes, or even different instruments playing the same note, the truth is that we can, with the right equipment, access not just those frequencies, but ones beyond what we’re aware of here on earth. Think about large space telescopes, and how the images appear differently depending on whether they’re in the infrared spectrum or the ultraviolet spectrum. Suddenly what might be tiny dots of white light in the sky to our naked eyes, light up with brilliant colors and detail.

A picture of Jupiter with the shadow of Ganymede on it taken from the Juno spacecraft during its 40th pass. Image courtesy of NASA.
A picture of Jupiter with the shadow of Ganymede on it taken from the Juno spacecraft during its 40th pass. Image courtesy of NASA.

It doesn’t sound promising to say that you can access energy only if you pay for the right equipment, which technically a reiki attunement is. That doesn’t sound mystical or magical at all; it sounds…frankly capitalist! And so the radio analogy is used to make individuals think it’s a matter of tuning into the frequency, like having the dial of your energetic system turned just a bit from everyday energy to reiki energy.

Now please, don’t get me wrong. I am a reiki practitioner and am not trying to deride the reiki teachers out there. I just think they’re over simplifying things a bit.

The truth is that if we look at birds, for example, they seem to make a much better use of the ultraviolet light spectrum than we do, and likewise animals deep in the ocean don’t rely on light spectrums at all. Sharks hunt by using electric currents. We each have that which we’re specialized for, and while you could conceivably perform experiments on these animals to get them to act in different ways, we would, ultimately be subjecting them to our human norms. We’re not birds or sharks, and thus we cannot truly live in their environment or think like they do. (And yet both birds and sharks also have been known to use the earth’s magnetic features for navigation, just as we use a compass.)

I prefer to think of energy, not like a radio, but rather like a vast layer of the cosmos, one which we cannot see usually, but those who practice can often feel. (My hands get very warm when I’m channeling reiki, something which is reported by many practitioners.)

Light, sound, energy waves, electricity, harmonic frequencies, they all combine, and when we find the right formula, we can “tune in” and feel the energy at work. What you tune into is as limitless as the energy itself. It’s so much more than a dial on a radio. A radio can bring you only a single program. Energy work brings vast amounts of information and a transference of energy. What you do with it, is up to you.